Living Like Gypsies
& Breaking From The Mold

Really? Middle aged, well-educated business professionals choosing to live like modern-day gypsies?  Yes, I suppose we’re a little crazy.  It all started as “we need a break from the grind,” but has turned into an all out life-adventure plan.  Why not? We’re worn-out and tired of waiting to “earn the right” to live life on our terms. (After all, isn’t that what we all really dream about – being free?)

Couple that with also wanting to refocus on the things that we believe are important in life.  (Have you noticed that our modern culture makes it so incredibly easy to be consumed by things that are really not all that important?)  When caught in the grind, daily living seems empty, frustrating and monotonous. As a result, the “things” that are truly  important seem to go by the wayside.  They become niceties that no-one has time for, such as nurturing friendships, spiritual reflection and growth, self-development, or even just sharing kindness and common courtesy.

For these past many years, it’s felt like we’ve been just passing time in life.  Waiting for things to get better. Waiting to have the means to mortgage a home.  Waiting to have the resources to go out and do something fun… some day. Waiting, waiting, waiting.  The career-grind’s locked us into the never-ending struggle of attempting to achieve the socially accepted “normal” standard of living.  But for us, that’s been like trying to force a square peg in a round hole, and has always been just out of reach.  Maybe you’ve felt this way too?

Our Gypsy Living Goals:

And so, in our own version of a “Walden-esque” experiment, we’re going to try to break away from the mold and be more deliberate about how we live. For us, that means our goals driving this middle-aged modern day gypsy living adventure are to:

  • Live with fewer possessions
  • Live with a focus on life, not a career
  • Live with less stress
  • Live with more time for fun & in places that are fun for us
  • Live with more time for things that enrich life, like relationships, reflection and faith.
  • In short, living!

The simple truth is that we’ve found ourselves to be a little more than halfway through this life and we don’t want to spend the rest of our days the same way.  There is only so much earthly life available to each of us, after all!  As the saying goes: “What’s the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

And so,  no more!  It’s time for something completely different!

While you may be at a different point in your life, we’re hoping that our experiences in this gypsy living adventure will entertain, inform, and bless you. Come along with us here on this new journey!


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