2017 – Finishing our 1st Gypsy Year!

Like most of you, we too have been taking stock of 2017 before we say goodbye to it.  For those of you who’ve been following our middle aged gypsy journey, our tally of one year’s worth of adventures won’t surprise you.



We started 2017 at 8600 feet above sea level in Colorado!




and are ending the year near the beach in Florida!


As for some of the best of 2017:

  • Wintered at 8500 feet above sea level in Colorado’s ski country
  • Took lessons in cross-country skiing
  • Did a fair amount of ice-fishing
  • Pet/House sat at 3 different places (Kansas, Ohio, Tennessee)
  • Took care of horses
  • Visited friends we haven’t seen in a long time
  • Visited family we haven’t seen in a long time
  • Camped near Mackinac Bridge, Michigan
  • Drove through northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
  • Got to know magnificent Lake Superior
  • Summered on the US/Canadian border of Minnesota’s boundary waters
  • Kayaked and fished on some of the most pristine waters in this country (in northern MN)
  • Picked and enjoyed many wild blueberries
  • Harvested and enjoyed lots of fresh fish and crayfish
  • Survived quite a few black bear encounters
  • Watched a nest of pileated woodpeckers grow up and fly away
  • Hubby got to work on a lakeside dock, helping guests enjoy their outing; I got to learn about canoe outfitting and help groups of guests enjoy their boundary waters camping adventure
  • We visited a state I’d not been to (Louisiana), saw New Orleans, ate delicious Cajun food, visited a plantation home, and saw beautiful bayous.  We also spent  couple of weeks in a state that we didn’t know much about (Mississippi)
  • Camped and explored some of Florida’s panhandle
  • Swam in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Swam and fished in the Atlantic
  • Met so many new friends that we cherish  – from different age groups, countries, and walks of life
  • Hubby and I spent a lot of quality time together

There were low-points too, of course.  We’ve spent a couple of thousand dollars on car repairs or maintenance in the past year.  We had a couple of seasonal jobs that didn’t work out as we’d hoped and presented us with some pretty stressful times.  And all that wonderful cross country travel came at the price of untold gallons of gasoline.  We spent money on some things we thought we needed, but really didn’t.  And we got rid of some things that we needed, but thought we didn’t.  Oh, and I turned that magical number, 50.

Our year was one of having no place to call home of our own.  We’ve lived in a hotel room that’s used for staff housing, in other people’s homes (while house or pet sitting for them while they’re on vacation), staying with friends and family, camping, staying in staff dorm housing, camping in a platform tent for 2 months, and sleeping in the van.  The types of work we’ve done have been just as varied.

While our lifestyle at each specific destination has been slow and deliberate over the year, the pace of change has been pretty fast and by the end we were getting a bit worn.  So, we met the opportunity to winter back in our old Florida stomping grounds as a welcome reprieve into a bit of the familiar.  Rest assured, we’ll be ready to adventure again come spring.

However, all that being said, this is the very first year that I can EVER remember, where I feel content and satisfied with the parting year.  Hubby agrees that he feels the same.  I’m humbled that it’s taken us over half our lives to achieve just one year that we can peacefully say goodbye to.

All those years of obsessing over “more,” trying to keep up,  and trying to maintain the image the world wants of us.  Funny that it’s actually the year where we’ve shirked the mainstream that’s made all the difference.  Was everything easy? No.  Did everything go our way?  No. Did we have some frightening and stressful experiences? Yes.

Did we gain experiences that were meaningful? Yes.  Did we learn and grow? Yes.  Did we do better at living life on our terms? Yes.  Did we minimize the distracting noise of the modern world in our lives? Yes.  Did we fit as many of the important parts of living into 2017 as we could?  Yes. Did we live what we believe?  Yes.

And so, for the first time (at least, that we can recall in our adult lives), we’re at peace with offering a fond farewell to the old year.  We hope that you’re able to do the same, and we sincerely wish you a new year focused on (and filled with) the truly important things in life!


11 thoughts on “2017 – Finishing our 1st Gypsy Year!

  1. Just binge read your posts, glad it was a good year for you! It’s interesting how the novelty and challenges of traveling can make you appreciate the routine and familiar. If you choose to return to some of your temp jobs they can be a familiar resting place in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Hi Aubrey! So true! We have actually been thinking over having a repeat or two in the new year, but are as of yet undecided. It sounds like you’ve had some similar experiences. Thanks for taking time to read thru the blog. I hope you enjoyed the posts as much as we enjoy sharing them! Wishing you have a safe & happy new years!

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  2. Reading through your end of year post was almost like sitting in the backseat of your van and rambling over the country with you! I begin to sense the rhythm of the journey, delightful exploration and realities of life on the road. I’m traveling with you by heart – What an amazing, triumphant year!!

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      • Thank you Love! Not silly at all. It has truly been worth it. After dealing with ridiculous lazy property management companies,, nasty neighbors who won’t pick up after their animals and racist corporate america with poor leadership skills; I feel so much more peaceful and free in my life now. I have hobbies, I love nature and I am finally free.

        Perhaps it’s due to the mental health diagnosis after my mental breakdown a few years back that has caused me to no longer desire to stress about the things that really don’t matter.

        I’ve also been able to increase my faith, courage and self esteem muscles. I love my basic, simple life. I am able to discover myself and my desires in life and at 41 years young; I truly am at my happiest in life. So yes ma’am, it’s been worth it. I haven’t been on the road the whole time, I’m usually in my home state until I choose to travel and I can sincerely say, I live with no regrets.

        Maybe in 2020, I will find an island to purchase and build an off grid community on, but until then, I REALLY DO LOVE MY LIFE! There are some times where I’m lonely, but I go fishing or talk to the birds or just go visit friends.

        Once I figure out which business I really want to be in as an entrepreneur, then it will be much better to be a digital nomad with consistent income. lol. I welcome all questions Love, thank you for asking. Sorry for the long reply. Have an awesome day!

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      • Don’t apologize! I love your comment! At least for us, and looks like for you, living honestly in heart and action is part of this lifestyle. I totally agree about the stress of the “career” workplace. That’s a large part of what drove us to make this change in our own lives too. Despite what high-level work we’re capable of, we’re so much happier and at peace doing simple work, traveling, and controlling how we interact with the world . I like to call it freedom. Wishing you an awesome day too!


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