Why Do We Love Bridges So?

I love, love, love traveling over big bridges.  (Do other people get as childishly excited about bridges as I do?)  I love the excitement of seeing a big bridge ahead on the horizon.  I can’t help it.  Like clockwork, as the peak of the bridge approaches, my pulse quickens.  Testing the boundaries of my seatbelt, I’m consumed with anticipation.  What  fleeting glimpse of grandeur waits at the top?  Every sense available is heightened, trying to take it all in as fast as I can.  Then it’s over. The brief encounter has passed.  The sights, sounds, and smells are but a memory. Ever so briefly, I’m tempted to turn around and drive it again.  What lingers longest is a smile of satisfaction, like a child having just disembarked from a carnival ride.

lake-mighigan-side-of-bridge (2)

Mackinac Bridge is impressive and well worth the drive, spanning the straight between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron

It’s not so much the bridge itself that brings such joy. Although, they can be beautiful architectural accomplishments in their own right.  The fascination (at least for me) comes from the sense that I’m getting a God’s-eye view.  I’m being blessed, ever how briefly, with a glimpse of a treasure that I’d not normally get to see.  It compares to the exhilaration that comes from sitting atop a mountain, sans the exercise.  Or perhaps even like what you might feel from looking out from an airplane’s window-seat.

Bridges are also gateways to new (or returning) places, sights, and faces.  They awaken  feelings of adventure, possibilities and even hope.


By Ray Devlin from New Orleans (for now), USA 

I was blessed recently with one of the best bridge-drives of my life.  If you have a chance, I highly recommend the stretch of I-10, from about 10 miles east of Pensacola (Florida) to a little west of New Orleans (Louisiana) along Lake Pontchartrain (reputed to be among the world’s longest bridge!).


lake ponchetrain LA

The bridge over Lake Pontchartrain, LA


The whole drive is filled with long spanses of bridge over bays, marshes, bayous, rivers, and lakes.  You won’t be disappointed!



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