Where There’s a Need, There’s a Way

Ready for a change (as we often are), we stopped in at a local establishment up on the Gunflint Trail of northernmost Minnesota for dinner.  The small family owned resort’s restaurant was beyond busy.  In fact, the owner had just dropped a basket of chicken wings on the floor in his haste to try to keep up with the crowd.  We helped him pick up the wings, and asked if they might need some help. (Timing is everything!)

When we’re working, we always look for employers that provide housing.   (When we’re in between jobs we prefer to either disburse camp with our tent and van, or house/pet sit.) This resort had outgrown it’s employee housing, so it needed more help than it could provide housing for.



Our new employee housing!


Their housing was full, so they couldn’t offer normal employee apartment style accommodations.  But, they did have a “wall” tent that wasn’t being used.  We’re not picky, so we soon found ourselves comfortably set up in our own private camping site, with a large wall tent set up on a wooden platform.  They ran electricity to the tent for us, put a fridge outside next to the picnic table and fire ring.  And even ran a hose over so that we’d have water.

I keep a hanging shower shelf, as it comes in handy for so many things!  This time, it gets to be my outdoor shelf for showering and dishwashing.  With a few boards set out to stand on, we now have a great place for an outdoor shower!



Creative outdoor showering while camping!  Refreshing too!


I’ll admit that I don’t shower out there in the mornings, as it’s not heated water.  But it is incredibly refreshing on these hot summer afternoons of late. (Yes, I wear my swimsuit!  Our campsite’s not quite private enough to wear my birthday suit!)  Thankfully the resort also has a staff shower/bath room with a wonderful supply of hot water.

My point though is that if you’re looking for work while traveling, and if you can be flexible (ie. help solve a problem for the potential employer), you’ll open doors.  For example, what different types of work are you willing to do? As mentioned before, many resort areas  are very short on housing for employees.  Do you have a camper or a tent that you can use for housing, if they’ll give you a place to set up?  Find ways to help them, so that they can help you.

The best part is that with this lifestyle, nobody expects you to stick around forever as a career.  If there’s an employer you like especially, you can likely come back again later.  Enjoy the experiences, people and the places as you go.  Make the most of every day.  For us… for now:  We’re enjoying our glamor camping, our 2 minute walking commute to work, living by a beautiful walleye lake up in the remote northwoods of Minnesota, and listening to the loons sing as we fall asleep.



Sunset on the lake


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