Why Live Like Gypsies?



Just one of the views we enjoy daily with our gypsy living.

A little less than a year into our gypsy living experiment, I’m pleased to report that we’re still loving this grand adventure.  Is life perfect?  Nope.  Is life easy?  Ha, yeah right!  Do we have everything we need?  Probably, although it doesn’t always feel that way.  Are there still stresses, problems and worries?  You betcha.  But one of the most important differences is that those “stresses, problems and worries” no longer dominate our lives.  Before, it seemed like those were the only things we could see. These days, our view is much broader.

That thought tickles me a bit with it’s irony.  Here I sit here in the great wilderness of the boundary waters on a public highway that’s so remote that it actually ends just a short distance up the road from us. Canada and more trees guard the other side of the lake.   We’re so far away from civilization that cell service doesn’t even exist here.  And, from our “dorm style” room window, I see nothing but clouds and trees.

So what’s the “broader” view then?  It might be easier to show you.  This was my day today:

Today, I woke up precisely 1 hour before work and before the alarm.  There was just enough time to mill around the room a little after breakfast.  I don’t have to spend a lot of time getting ready for work; We all wear jeans and t-shirts.  I enjoyed my 1/4 mile walk to work which takes me through the forest and past a burbling brook.  On a nice day, I take 5-10 minutes.  When it’s cold and rainy, 3 minutes.  Hubby’s walk is double that, as his workday starts at the lake.  Today’s weather was picture perfect.

I work with great people and we have fun while taking care of the guests.  I get an hour lunch break, during which I walk back through the woods and up the hill to my room.    I have a 4 year college degree, plus half of a master’s degree, professional certifications, and 25 years of professional business experience.  My job at this resort is as a canoe trip outfitter.  It’s wonderful. At the end of the day, I go home feeling like I accomplished something but I don’t worry about work and I don’t take work home with me. My time off is my time to do with as I please.  Right now, that’s mostly hiking, kayaking or exploring the area.

I live in a dorm with wonderful young people that are out trying to figure out life and fit in some adventures themselves.  They don’t seem to mind that we’re old enough to be their parents.  In fact, I think they like having us as part of the mix.  And they’re helping keep us young.

For dinner tonight, one of the fellows broke in his new charcoal grill and invited us to join him.  I wrapped pike fillets from hubby’s catch a couple of days ago in bacon and grilled them. The grilling itself was quite a social event, with at least half a dozen of our dorm neighbors joining us.  Hubby and I then enjoyed a lovely dinner together in our tiny one-room apartment.  We spent the evening talking (as we do nearly every evening).  And tonight, I can hear the wolves howling off in the distance.

We’ll sleep well, with the cool fresh forest air coming in from the open window by the bed.  And tomorrow will be a new day.  When it’s time, we’ll move on to the next adventure.

Gypsy living is about living life on our terms.  For us, that’s meant minimizing life’s stress, traveling, seeing new places, learning new things, having new experiences, and meeting new friends.  It’s not been easy, but it has been worth it.  Perhaps we’ll meet you on the gypsy road someday.

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