Listening To The Rain

Simple living doesn’t have to be heroic.  It can be as simple as just taking time for a brief pause in your crazy busy life from time to time.

Yesterday presented us with a wonderful surprise and opportunity to do just that.  We’re visiting family in Ohio and it’s now spring.  Would you know, this crazy thing happened: it rained!

Granted, rain shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone in the spring.  So silliness aside, keep in mind that we’d just spent fall and winter in the dry climate of the high-country Colorado Rockies.  Yes, there had been plenty of snow, but the fall had been very dry. In fact, we hadn’t seen a decent rain storm since we left Florida back in August.

It wasn’t actually the rain that surprised us.  It was the sound of the rain.



The picture above’s borrowed, but it gives you a good sense of what the storm was like.  It had been so long since we’d heard the steady patter of rain on the roof and windows.  It only took a half a second for us to decide to stop what we were doing and sit outside on the covered patio.

Thinking back about it, I realize that neither one of us felt a need to talk.  Listening to nature’s peaceful passage without interruption was just something we were both drawn to do.  Often, when I’m trying to have quiet time (“just being” as I call it), my brain interferes and won’t allow peace.  Not this time, however.  We just listened and enjoyed being present in the moment.

Our entire “moment” lasted maybe 15 minutes, but it was the most refreshing part of the day.

My wish for you: May you find and enjoy such simple pleasures in your week!

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