Free Things to Do at The Resort in Granby, CO

Enjoying Free Activities at Snow Mountain Ranch, CO

Besides the opportunity to live in an absolutely beautiful spot, we picked this resort in Grand County, CO for seasonal employment because of the plethora of free things to do.  As seasonal employees, we get to enjoy the same activities that the guests do!

For starters, the resort sits on 5,200 acres that borders the national forest.  Of course, there are hiking and mountain biking trails galore.  One of the favorite hikes is to the waterfall, a small but lovely waterfall in the woods.


The Waterfall Hike @ Snow Mountain Ranch

The resort is comprised of what were originally two homestead properties: The Just family ranch, and the Rawley homestead.  I’m always fascinated by how innovative the settlers were.  There was no researching and ordering items online.  They used whatever they had and figured out how to make it do what was needed.  I love practical frugalness.  Granted, they didn’t have much of a choice.


The Just Homestead, Granby CO

At the resort, there’s also a stables that provides complimentary trail-rides to the staff.  Our ride ended up being a decadently private ride with just hubby, myself and the wrangler.



View from Horseback @ The Resort

And of course, there’s always wildlife watching.  It was pretty common to see mule deer, moose, red fox, chipmunks, and an occasional bear or coyote.


Who’s watching who?

Some of the wildlife does and exceptional job of disguising itself. Like so many things in life, you have to be paying attention to see it!


Ptarmigan hiding in the grasses

Do you see the ptarmigan in the photo above?  They’re game birds, also known as “Prairie Chickens.”  Their feathers turn white in the winter to disguise them in the snow.

There are so many other things to do at the resort.   There’s really no reason for anyone to be bored. Essentially, all the activities that are available to the guests are available to the staff.  Most of them are free to guests and staff, but there are a few that are available for a small fee.  Other outdoor activities at the resort:  tubing hill, mini-golf, tennis, basketball, frisbee-golf, zip-line courses, and archery.  Indoor activities:  swimming pool, sauna, climbing wall, archery, yoga, and arts and crafts.



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