Needing Some Space

So far, we’re enjoying our first seasonal employment gig.  I love the mix of people.  The team of staff here includes year round employees, seasonal employees like us, gap-year young adults, internationals on work -visas, and retirees as volunteers.  So many different people and different stories.

From what I hear from other seasonals, the living accommodations are better than average.  But it’s taking a bit of adjusting, on our part.  For starters, we’re living in a 10 x 15 foot hotel room.  That wouldn’t be bad, except that we still have way too much “stuff” from our old life.  We need to purge more, but aren’t quite sure what we need or don’t yet.  So, in the meanwhile, the room is packed to the max.  And the walls and ceiling are a bit thin.  You can hear people walking down the hallway, and your neighbors shutting their dresser drawers.

There are some good things about the room though.  We do have our own bathroom, which is lovely.  I give thanks everyday for that.  And for the seemingly unlimited supply of hot water.  I’m also thankful for the large 1970’s style bath tub.  We have a lovely view of the mountains outside our window.  And the window actually opens (not all hotel rooms have windows that open), so that we can get fresh air when we want.  Utilities are all paid for by the employer, so we have free heat, water, electricity, wifi.  And the building we’re staying in is attached to the main lobby building.  That means that when winter comes, I won’t even have to leave the building to go to work.

Our building is filled with older seasonals (45+ years old) and retiree volunteers.  There’s a pretty strong sense of community.  They gather frequently in the dorm’s rec room & watch TV or play board games together.

That’s pretty cool, and I enjoy the sense of community there.  But it also means that there’s no escaping the work community on your time off. The only way to really be away from work and to have some time to yourself, is to get off property.

That doesn’t seem to be something that’s important to most of the others there.  But hubby and I are so very independent.  We need that quiet time away.  Here’s where the van camping comes in as a huge blessing.  It gives us a way to get away without having to pay for hotel rooms.  We can camp in peaceful spots with the independence we crave.



Our Favorite Quick Camping Getaway


There are a zillion places to camp in the national forests around the area.  But our favorite spot is on the Colorado River, and is only about a half an hour away.  We like seeing new places, but there’s also comfort in having a familiar place as our default go-to place.


For us, even just a quick campout with an evening spent sitting around the campfire does wonders to refresh the spirit and quiet the soul.  Sometimes it’s the simplest things that matter the most.

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