Lifestyle Goal Reminder:  Fit in More Living

Autumn Picnic in the Rockies

Even with this new lifestyle, it is still easy to fall into the old trap of comfortable routines.  It’s far too easy to choose “laundry” over life.  (Of course, I’m using “laundry” as representing any of the little things we do regularly in life that keep us from life.)  Not that you can avoid laundry, mind you… but why give it the best hours of your day.  Worse yet, why donate your precious day off to it?

We are finding that we have to remind ourselves (and each other) to get out and make the most of our time here.  There always seems to be something mundane that distracts us and provides a convenient excuse. In reality, we’re not intentionally choosing to let these other things consume our time.  We’re forgetting to choose where we spend our time.

We’d hoped that with such a major lifestyle change, the changes we’re looking to make in ourselves would come more easily.  But, we also suspected that it would take a bit of work on our part.  Old habits die hard and we still have a ways to go.

Stepping back  little from our life and looking  in, I’m a little surprised that with living in such an amazing place, we still have to remind ourselves to not make work our primary focus.  I keep reminding myself that we work to live, not the other way around.

Autumn helps us prioritize, as does the fact that we’re on a seasonal contract here.  Every breathtaking view is a reminder that this is the last chance to enjoy mother nature before the harsh reality of old man winter sets in.


Hubby Fishing the Colorado River

So, here we are, this fall, in a place where the leaves actually turn colors and fall from the trees.  Last autumn, we were in Florida.  As many things as I love about Florida, there are some things that I missed there though too.  Fall is one of them – more specifically, the taste and feel of fall.


View from a fall picnic spot @ Hot Sulphur Springs

One of our answers has been to spend more time picnicking.  There are so many lovely spots in the area within just a 20 or 30 minute drive.  Since fishing is so important to hubby, we usually pick spots that are fishable.  That works for me too, as I love sitting near the water.



From a Fall Picnic on the Colorado River


*See more about my philosophy on picnicking (one of my favorite things to do)!

At the risk of repeating myself, Autumn helps us prioritize.  Winter is coming!



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