Free Camping Granby Colorado

Time for some play time!  We’d planned our travel schedule, so that we’d get to Granby well ahead of our start date at the resort.  Our reasoning:

  1. Traveling with older cars, we wanted to allow time, in case we had any trouble on the road.
  2. We didn’t really want to be on a firm schedule for the road trip.  That just adds stress!  This gave us some wiggle room so that we didn’t have to feel pressured in our drive.
  3. We wanted some vacation time before we started our new jobs at the resort
  4. We wanted a little time to acclimate to the new area before starting our new jobs also.
  5. One of our goals with this new lifestyle is to have time to play between gigs.

Free Camping in Grand County, Colorado

Pioneer Park, Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado

hot sulphur springs camping site

View of Colorado River from Free Campsite

Before we left Florida, Hubby researched and planned out a list of free camping possibilities.  (You never know what’s going to be available or comfortable, until you get there.  It’s good to keep a list of several possibilities available, so that you’re not stuck without a place to set up camp.)

Turns out his first choice was just lovely, and had open camping spots.  It’s actually a public campground that’s owned by the local town (Hot Sulfur Springs).  You couldn’t have asked for a better camping spot.  The campground is right on the Colorado River.  Our camping spot had a river-front view and fire pit.  It was also within a very easy walking distance of a hot springs.

There’s a diner style restaurant within easy walking distance of the campground.  Also, the town of Granby, CO is only maybe 20 minutes drive away.  Granby has a grocery store, Ace hardware, thrift store, auto-parts store, restaurants, and a few other odds and ends stores typical of a small tourist town.

As with most free camping, it was “dry camping” (meaning there’s no running water).  But we have a big (potable) water jug, and the town provided a place to get water in one of their nearby parks.  Also a bonus:  There were a several porta-potties in the campground.

Downsides to this location:

  • It bordered the train tracks.  There are few routes for the trains to take up in the Colorado mountains, so this was a bit of a train thorough-fare.  It did take away from the serenity of the location, but it was still worth it, and the price was right.
  • Also, weekends were a bit of a nuthouse there.  Not only was every campsite full, but some thoughtless people came up for a weekend party and stuffed 6 cars and tents to each campsite.  They then subjected everyone in the campground to their fiesta party.  They trashed the campground as well as the latrines. I suppose that could happen anywhere – and probably does.  Sad.  Don’t know that there’s much to do about it.  So the moral of the story there is to plan to enjoy your quiet time at the camp during the week.  When the weekend comes, plan to either just hunker down or  else to be away from the campsite as much as you can.

Even still, we had a decadent two weeks of relaxing by the river, campfires, fishing, and soaking in the hot springs.


Hubby with Fresh Caught Brown Trout while Van Camping in Colorado

It doesn’t get much better than that!

PS.  We actually camped here a couple of times, we liked the location so much.  Here are a few other photos:




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