Casino Camping – Arkansas

The Drive – Night # 3

Well, we had such a good experience with casino camping the night before, we decided to try it again.  We selected another casino that was the right driving distance in Arkansas and was along the way.  But, this one didn’t turn out to be such a great experience.   Actually, it turned out to be one of those experiences that you sort of laugh at a little (later), but definitely not so much at the time.

For starters, this was a small casino in the middle of nowhere. (The one the night before was a large casino on the outskirts of a large city.)

In all fairness, we brought the majority of the trouble on ourselves.  We were traveling with two vehicles, fully loaded.  We were camping in the van, and using the toyota to haul the kayaks and whatever else wouldn’t fit in the van.  We needed to get to some things that were buried deep in the van.  So that meant emptying, and reorganizing the van.  In so doing, we weren’t particularly discrete and probably made a bit of a spectacle of ourselves.  The parking lot was pretty empty, so we weren’t bothering anyone, but security must’ve taken notice.

Once we were done, we walked up to the casino to check it out (planning to spend a little time there over the evening). On our way back, we noticed two sets of flashlights investigating our vehicles.  Well, it seems that the old retiree security guard and his brand new recruit wanted us to leave.  I suspect that, had the old security guard not been showing off for his new recruit, things might have turned out differently.  But, as it was, he made the most of the opportunity to be the rooster in the barnyard.

He seemed particularly concerned about our having cars that were so full.  I’d like to think that perhaps he was concerned about our safety, due to having all of our belongings in the cars.  We explained that we were moving across country, thus the full cars and the kayaks on top.

I guess that answer wasn’t satisfactory, so he then proceeded to insult us and accuse us of begging from the patrons at the casino.  Hubby and I are pretty clean-cut, college-educated, middle-aged professionals (or at least we were before embarking on this new life adventure). Begging from patrons is the last thing we’d have ever done.  Frankly, that we would even be treated this way, caught us both totally off-guard.  But, it was a good lesson.

In the end we decided to move on, and leave the country cop-wanta-be to his tiny Arkansas-kingdom.

But, this presented a new problem:  We didn’t have a place to sleep.

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