Casino Camping Experiment – Alabama

The drive: Night #2.

Hubby picked up a book on casino camping and was intrigued.   The book is Casino Camping by Jane Kenny.

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To catch you up, “casino camping” can mean a couple of things.  Some casinos actually have campgrounds where you can rent sites.  Others will allow cars and RV’s to stay overnight.  My guess is that it’s sort of a public service on their part – better to have folks sleep over in the parking lot than have them drive after drinking.

Generally speaking, the benefits to “casino camping” are:

  • Casinos have free admission, and often, free parking.
  • They’re considered a safe place to park and sleep.  That is, at least the casinos with security patrols are.  Their security patrols make frequent rounds throughout the parking lots and property to make sure their patrons are safe and discourage any riff-raff.  So, as long as you’re not the riff-raff, you’re protected too.
  • (Usually) open 24 hours, so you can use the restroom, get a cup of coffee, etc.
  • Entertaining!  If you think about it, they have affordable beverages and meal buffets, people watching, and of course gambling for your enjoyment!

For our second night on the road, we picked a casino near Montgomery Alabama that was (sort of) on the way.

This particular casino had a huge and very well-lit parking lot.  The security cars patrolled by us about every half an hour.  There were a lot of people (and cars) coming and going, and the parking lot lights were bright.  So, I wouldn’t say that it was a peaceful experience. However, it did feel safe.  Surprisingly, neither one of us had a hard time sleeping (thankfully, we have blinds in the van and tinted windows).

We weren’t quite ready for sleep when we got there, so we spent a little time enjoying the bar inside, and taking our chances with the slot machines.  Plus, we felt like it was only fair for us to spend a little bit while we were there as a courtesy to the casino for providing the camping spot.  Alas, lady luck wasn’t with us that night, but it was still entertaining.  It’d say that particular experience was a “thumbs up.”

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