Crazy Changes Are Coming

I’m sure curious to see how we’re going to take going from sea level and 90 degrees plus humidity, to 9,000 feet above sea level, snow and dry climate…  within a matter of just a few weeks!  It’ll be interesting.

From this (Florida):


to this (Colorado):


I haven’t even worn real shoes or socks even since we’ve been in Florida!  This is going to be a big change.

Yup.  We definitely need to put together a list of things we need to get for the winter. Like:

  • Long johns
  • Warm socks (I’ve haven’t worn socks since we moved to Florida!)
  • Good winter coats
  • Ski caps
  • Ski goggles
  • Snow boots
  • Snow pants

(Just to name a few things.)  Thankfully, we don’t have any uniform requirements for work that we’ll need to worry about.  Our regular clothes should be just fine for work at this location.

The trick is figuring out exactly what you think you’ll need, and no more.  There’s no getting around the fact that we’ll have very limited space with this new simple lifestyle we’ve chosen.  There just isn’t going to be any room for toting around things that aren’t practical and that we don’t use.

As to how to stock up on these winter items on a greatly limited budget: second-hand stores are a great option.  These days, we’ve become primarily thrift store shoppers anyhow.  It’s our favorite way to shop.  But, realistically, our chances of finding any of these winter items here in coastal Florida aren’t great.  Perhaps we’ll also watch ebay and Craig’s list.  We may get lucky and find some affordable items that way.

And, we can always stop in Denver on our way up the mountain out there.  There are a ton of thrift stores there, and we’d definitely have better luck with cold weather items there. Thinking about space in the vehicles: that might be better anyhow, as we’d be picking up the “extra” stuff at the end of our trip.

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