Travel Problem Resolved

Now, we have a tiny little matter of,  3,000 miles that we’ve been trying to resolve.  You see, there’s this business of how to get from here (Florida) to there (Colorado).  I’m afraid that my Camry is a bit too small to fit everything in, even though it’s a reliable and fabulous car. We thought about getting a small trailer, but the engine is just too small to tow anything behind.  And furthermore, we really want to be able to camp along the way.  Add to all of this that we’re on a very limited budget.

So, after a little searching and some heaven-sent coincidence, we have the answer! Like most things in life, timing is everything.  Hubby just happened to drive by a van for sale in someone’s yard, and it was love at first sight.

Meet Gloria!


Needless to say, we now have a new vehicle!  I’ve named her Gloria.  She’s an old Ford conversion van with a lot of miles, and she’s certainly not a looker.  But, she has her  good points too.  The van has a fairly comfortable bed in back, blinds in the windows, comfy captains chairs, and a pretty healthy amount of possible storage space. It also has a tow package.  We’re not planning to tow anything, but it’s nice to know that we could if we needed.


I already love this van!  I know that sounds a bit silly, especially as the van’s only been in our possession a couple of days.  But the van feels so similar to a 70’s model Ford van that my folks had.  It brings back an instant feeling of familiarity and comfort.  Our family traveled in that van all over the country, summer after summer. This one feels, sounds, and drives  just like that one – evoking so many warm and fuzzy feelings (and memories)!  It already feels like home.

I’m happy to report that her road-trip checkup came back as a good report. For now, there’s nothing major on the “need to fix” list.  That’s pretty darned amazing, particularly considering the age and miles, and that neither one of us knows much about vehicles.  I do believe she’s a gift from God! (Thank You!)

As for hubby, he just loves the V-8.  I passed him on the road the other day going the opposite direction.  The look on his face (as he was booking it down the road) was priceless.  The sheer joy on his face made him look like a teenager again… then again, it could’ve been the mock-3 speed that he was traveling.  I hear that does wonders for taking the wrinkles out!

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