First Destination Decided

Good news! We’ve both been accepted at our first choice of location and employer.  For our first foray into seasonal work and gypsy living, we’ll be in Grand County, Colorado.  Elevation 9,600 feet above sea level.


In case you’re wondering, we picked this destination as our first seasonal employment choice for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s somewhat familiar to us.  It’s only an hour or so away from an area that we know well.  We have experience from when we were much younger with one of their sister properties, so we have a general idea of what this particular adventure will be like.  With as much change as we’re putting into our lives right now, we’re thinking that something somewhat familiar will make the transition a bit less shocking.
  2. It’s a big organization that employs a lot of seasonal staff.  Hubby has a hearing disability, so we wanted something that would have the best chance of employment options to  accommodate it.
  3. We know the employer is stable.  They’ve been around for a long, long time.
  4. They provide housing and 3 squares a day for seasonal staff, plus a weekly stipend.
    Note:  our accommodations will be a room in an old hotel building they’ve dedicated to staff 40 years old and up. (Seems like we must not be the only ones with this idea!)  We’ll have our own private furnished room & bath.  An in-room dedicated phone line, wifi and linens are provided too.   (They also have separate housing buildings for the 18-20ish group, and the 20ish-30ish age group.)
  5. It’s a fun family oriented place!  Lots to do year round, and we get to enjoy the same activities that the guests do for free.  Additionally, the resort is in ski-country.  Not that we’re ski-addicts, but part of our new plan is to make sure we’re fitting some fun into our lives.  We wanted something that would have a large offering of entertainment “goings on.”

So, now we know where we’ll be beginning our gypsy journey this winter.  Next steps?  Time for the real preparations to begin!


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