Applying for Seasonal Work

Do you remember the days when it used to be fun to apply for work?

I’m hoping this new path will bring back the excitement that used to come with looking for a new job!  But, in all honesty, we’re not quite there yet.

Plus, we’re still sort of stuck in the rut, where we’re used to filling out job applications for career jobs.  In today’s economic climate, that’s not only stressful, but dehumanizing and demoralizing (at least for folks in our middle-aged bracket).  It’s funny to us that we remember younger days where it was exciting to fill out job applications.  With this new approach to life, I’m hoping that we can get back to that mindset before long!

When we first started the seasonal job search, it was fun looking at possibilities and dreaming.  But once we started seriously considering them, it became a bit stressful. Stressful, because we didn’t want to over commit and end up burning bridges with potential future employers. Stressful, because we’re taking on so much change at one time.  Stressful,  because we’re trying to time everything carefully with our move…  giving notice at the current job, notice for exiting our lease, having enough time to liquidate our belongings, and raise enough moula for the trip to our new home.

Too many decisions to make at once.  We decided that it would make this more manageable and less stressful for us if we decided to only consider a couple of places at a time. So that meant we had to narrow down our list and apply to only our top picks. (With so many places we want to go, this was not an easy thing to do!)

While there are others who only apply to only one place of seasonal employment at a time.  We decided this wasn’t wise though, as you’re putting your eggs all in one basket. Many times, the potential employers don’t give you details about housing or pay until further into the process. If you’re only considering one place, you have no other options.  It makes you feel like you have to take what they’re offering.  Not to mention that if you’re not accepted for employment there, you have no backup.  And as we mentioned in an earlier post, timing is important.  You may have missed out on some great opportunities while you were waiting for the “one” that you applied for to come through.

Moral of the story:  Apply to your top few seasonal job picks, but not so many that you feel overwhelmed, or that you’re burning bridges if a couple of them do get back to you with job offers.  And a timeline for when you’ll move on to other seasonal applications, for if you don’t hear back.


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