Selecting Our First Adventure

or How to Find Seasonal Employment

We’ve never been in a financial position where we’ve been able to take vacations. But this business of researching options for seasonal employment feels like what I think it must be like for others who plan vacations.

It’s opened the door for dreaming. Where have we been that we’d like to go back? Where would we like to go?  What’s out there?  Searching through the available seasonal job opportunities and dreaming of adventures has been like a breath of fresh air.  It’s opened the window, giving us a glimpse of the world outside and letting in a fresh breeze of hope and excitement!

I was amazed to find that there are so many options out there for seasonal work.  Of course, summer provides far more opportunities than the other seasons.  As you might imagine, many of the seasonal jobs are in remote locations.  Nearly all of them are in resort areas.  And they seem to be in every state across the country, as well as internationally.

My search started with simply looking for “seasonal employment with housing” in my favorite search engine.  Then I had a lot of fun just letting my imagination run with the possibilities!

Although, I’ll admit that after the initial burst of excitement wore off, trying to sort through all the options became a bit overwhelming.  We quickly realized that we needed a way to sort them.  Not everything was going to be a great match for us.  So, we made a list of things to help us decide which seasonal jobs we wanted to seriously consider:

Our Considerations for Finding Seasonal Employment:

  • Places (or states) we want to see (in other words, a wish list).
  • Do we want a small resort or a large one?
  • Do they provide married housing (a requirement for us).
  • What is the housing cost?
  • What is the living environment (ex. private bathroom? kitchen? etc.)
  • What are the recreational opportunities?
  • What is the length of season there?
  • What is the peak season there?
  • What types of jobs do they have available?
  • What is the pay?

You get the general idea.  Think about what’s truly important to you.  This type of living will be different than what you’re used to, and you will have to make some sacrifices for it.  What are the things you’re willing to put up with?  On the other hand, what must you absolutely have to be content?  What are the situations or environments that make you unhappy?  A bit of honest self-reflection before you make your final decisions can help you make good choices for your new adventures.

Other Considerations For Finding Seasonal Employment

Of course, we wanted to have the best pick of places, jobs and accommodations.  To achieve this, we found that timing was important.  Many seasonal employers are short on staff when the college students go back to school.  So, finding employment in the fall when they’re short staffed can give you a foot in the door.  Many seasonal employers also favor employees that will stay the full length of their season.  With this mind, when we’re looking for seasonal work, we try to make ourselves more marketable by solving this problem for the potential employer.

You’ll find your own strategies for and favorite way of finding seasonal employment, once you start this journey.  (Please feel free to share any suggestions or sites that can help others in this journey here!)  While there are quite a few resources out there for searching finding seasonal employment, here are a few popular ones to help you get started.

Websites with postings for Seasonal Employment:

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