Deciding to Check Out

I promise this blog will be fun, but I do feel I owe you a little background on circumstances leading up to our decision to become modern day gypsies.  To learn more about us, you may want to start with reading about us.

These last few years have not been easy ones for us (as is probably true for a lot of people).  To say the very least, this last year presented yet another set of our grand plans that didn’t pan out.  In so doing, it has also  presented the opportunity to do some serious thinking, reflection and assessment.

The reality is that we’re working for what were entry level wages when we got out of college 20+ years ago.  The cost of living is (at least, if not more than) double what it was then.  The only way to “get by” seems to be to work yourself to death, provided you can get enough time away from the salaried day-job (and have the energy), to pick up a 2nd job.  And even when we’re not engulfed in work, there’s no fun to be had as it’s not in the budget.

Add to that the truth that “career” jobs these days are heavily laden with stress.  Stress that makes us grouchy, short-tempered, and takes years off our lives!  The trade-off used to be that you could earn enough to live comfortably, and perhaps prepare for retirement even.  But these days, like hamsters in the wheel, we never seem to get anywhere for our efforts.

I know we’re not alone in feeling this way.  Like so many others, we’ve realized that by living this way, all we’re doing is passing time in life.

I suppose you could say that we’ve reached a threshold where we needed to either accept it, or do something about it.

Q: So, what’s to be done about it?

A: We’re going to live like middle aged gypsies.

For us that means that we’re going to check out of the career job path, get rid of nearly everything we have and do seasonal work from place to place.  Later we hope to pick up a piece of land in the country somewhere, but not for now.  Granted, if you’re in your 20’s, this plan doesn’t sound too radical.  However, for a middle aged  married couple, living like gypsies is more than a bit unorthodox.

It’s quite a big change and not one to be taken lightly.  A change in attitude, in environment, in focus, in habits, and much more.  Still, after much thought and reflection this seems that this is what God’s directing us to do.

We’re hopeful that by living simply and focusing on what’s important to us, we can get a bit of happier living back in our lives!

It’s time to take the leap.

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